My dream-learning guitars…

“SO BORED..”I say and switch on the TV and change channels….”Every channel useless….”And suddenly “Oh a guitar,WOW…”I switch of the TV and straightly go to my mom..”Mom,I need a guitar”My mom don’t even glances at me but replies”No,ask your dad”.”Oh the same dialogue”I go to my dad and ask the same..He looks at me and then say”Oh,The guitar will be heavier than you”.”Oh dad this is not a joke””No,ask your mom about this matter”I hung up my head”This isn’t a game”

Actually i like Guitars so much. Once I had an unexpectedly special function at my school.There I sat with my friends..One of my friends told me that there was a program In which her sister was going to participate…Then I knew that her sister was going to play the guitar.I was so happy that I was going on saying it to my friends…Then i heard the melodious tune of the guitar….It was blissful….

I like The Yellow and Red mixed guitar…It is wonderful…Or the professional Guitars with designs on it..Or the sandal and brown colored guitar”Wow”I would say if a learn and get one.Let’s see….

To be continued…

Me one of a kind:)

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My first award…. :)

I opened my blog,my website and signed in….I was taken aback for a minute…”What a comment” I wondered….I opened it and saw and was filled with amazement and Joy…”What….AN AWARD”And saw that it was a 7×7 award…One of My happiest moment..”Somebody has finally passed me this award..”I thought..

Thanx for the award myth…….

Now ..Something about me that i would like to share it to you all….

  • I Like making silly Jokes and make others have a hearty laugh…
  • I am addicted to funny cartoons like Jackie chan,Doremon etc…
  • I like hearing songs….As my sis is addicted to it…
  • I like the tours in our school….Only Frenz….
  • I wanted to write many poems like my sis…
  • I like enid blyton,RL Stine and many other author’s book…
  • I am a friendly person and want many more friends….

I enjoyed reading these blog’s and thanx to those who supported me for getting this award………

Tale of my heart🙂


 Cuhome 🙂

Living loving laughing😀

Jhasmoments 🙂

Talin 😀

Watchu thinking 😀

I loved reading these people’s blog….

Now,following the rules…

The beautiful piece is:

I want a puppy soon……….

Most Helpful Piece:

A festival of JOY:D

Most Popular Piece:

Clicking Nature Scenery is a hobby…..

Most Controversial Piece:

Tom and Jerry,Me and my sis…

Most Surprisingly Successful Piece:

A journey through the clouds….

Most Underrated Piece:

I love teddy bears…..

Most Pride Worthy Piece:

farewell at Qatar


Still on cloud nine 🙂



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Tom and Jerry,Me and my sis…

I luv Tom and Jerry..As I think of it I think of the fight me and my sis had had..I also luv making tags of the characters in our family.Here are some tags….

Tom as my sis(myth),Jerry as myself,…I like to make more tags for everyone..Fun doing it.. 🙂

Me and my sis had many fights…Here is a small conversation..After seeing Tom and Jerry..

Me:Hey,This episode was funny.. 😀

Sis:Yes.. So it was…:)

Me:In That Jerry was the sweetest…:)

Sis:because it is me… 😀

Me:Hey,You agreed to be Tom…

Sis:When??? :X

Me: (frowning)Hmmm….I don’t no…But you agreed to be Tom… :/

Sis:(demanding)I am Jerry…

Me: :0 Huh…No :X


Me:Fine see the size…

Sis:What?? 😕

Me:I am only the shortest..And you are the second highest.. ^ _^

Sis:So?? 😕

Me:That decides..

Sis:that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be Jerry…

Me:that does mean that you shouldn’t be… 🙂




Me:as you see i am clever..

Sis:what?? 😕 You…

Me:Yeah..And you are intelligent..

Sis:Now what are you trying to say??

Me:that I am Jerry and you are Tom…

Sis:Huh??? :/

Me:Yeah… 🙂

Sis:you are really annoying.. :X

Me:nay… :/

As we fight we see the CD once again,and as Tom and Jerry fight,me and my sis fight… 😀

Yet to be continued… 🙂

Me one of a kind…


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Clicking Nature Scenery is a hobby…..

Hey,actually like taking photographs of nature sceneries…Whenever i see a beautiful scenery i would think that i would have had a camera in my hand.”Oh …What a pity to not have a camera now..”I would think…

When daylight enters after a long dark night I would start for school.In the way I would see a lots of beautiful pics..One day I saw a tree near my house.I love it.Next I saw a calf drinking the milk of its mother.It was very cute.

Yesterday(27/12/2011) I went upstairs and saw a superb scenery.I saw a pink sky.A big cloud was pink in color.It seemed to me like cotton candy.It was so good.I ran to my home, down the steps and searched for the camera.But blow I couldn’t find it.I was so sorry for it…

Totally I would like to say that I like taking photos, but my camera would be lost at that time.So don’t keep your camera somewhere and search afterwards 🙂


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A journey through the clouds….

I see something fluffy on  my way,                                                                                                                               it was so puffy too….                                                                                                                                                                 It was not very hefty,                                                                                                                              it was also not very lofty ..

I felt it as big pieces of cotton,                                                                                                           it was also like fleeces of a  sheep…..                                                                                                It was all pieced together,                                                                                                                   which i praised a lot….





It was  white in colour,                                                                                                                          and very light too….                                                                                                                                It was also very light,                                                                                                                            and the site was beautiful..

Then i knew it was clouds,                                                                                                                         with loads of clues….                                                                                                                             But then i heard a sound and got up,                                                                                               and thought that it was all a dream….


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fun with zoo-zoo

zoo-zoo are ads of vodafone mobile..

some of the pics are here..

“Huh ,doctor any problem in my ear…”







“A six,A six,A six..”





“Oh,What a good music to dance”





“Oh..Thank you..”





“Oh..What a good game to play in laptop”






“Who are these idiotic creatures..”





“Oh..Is people still supporting me”





“Wow,December evening….I am making a snowman..”






“Yeah ,I won it”











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A festival of JOY:D

I am waiting for 25’th December for Christmas:)…I think it is a fun festival…That too i would be happy for the winter season after a long pause for summer season.There are many features of Christmas for children.

First of all ,they would like to have their presents in their homes by Santa Claus.They would be delighted if there is a presents under the Christmas tree …They would also like to make snow men and stuff…:)


They would like to decorate their Christmas tree with decorative materials like plastic bells etc.They would also like to decorate their rooms with lights etc.

Making cards is also a hobby for some children.So they would be excited to do cards for Christmas…

These are the reasons why I love this festival..:)


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